PCB Finalized Covid-Security Plan For Pakistan Super League’s Seventh Edition Starting From 27th January.

KARACHI: Security plan and COVID SOPs have been settled for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) release 7 coordinates at National Stadium in Karachi with 5,600 security work force protecting the occasion in the city.

An exceptional weapons and strategies (SWAT) group would stay ready constantly for crisis reaction while master shooters will likewise be conveyed at key establishments to monitor the environmental elements of the arena and different spots.

As indicated by subtleties of the far reaching security plan, a sum of 5,600 security staff would be sent for security of PSL 7 matches which included 1200 SSU commandos, 1700 faculty from security division, 1500 traffic police cops, 500 individuals from exceptional branch, 200 police from fast reaction power and work force from Sindh Rangers.

As per details, the security personnel would be deployed at National Stadium, Karachi airport, routes frequented by the PSL teams, practice grounds, parking spaces and hotels.

An exceptional comand and control bus will be deployed outside of stadium the to arrange the whole security arrangements and measures other than aerial observation during the matches and movement of players.

All streets aside from one track of Sir Suleman Shah Road will stay shut down while spectators will be brought to the stadium through shuttle service. All vehicles conveying CNG chambers won’t be permitted to enter the area.

With respect to COVID SOPs, visitors at National Stadium for PSL matches should take with them a national identity card (NIC) and COVID vaccination certificate. Wearing facemask will be obligatory and anybody disregarding the NCOC rule will be removed from the stadium.

Also, no spectator will be permitted to bring guns, air rifles, explosives, fireworks, cigarettes, matchbox, blade or any sharp-pointed item, inside the stadium.

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