PSL 8 2023 Schedule | PSL 8 Schedule | Date, Match Timings, Fixtures, Venues, Teams | PSL 2023 Schedule PDF Download

PSL 8 2023 Schedule | PSL 8 Schedule | Date, Match Timings, Fixtures, Venues, Teams | PSL 2023 Schedule PDF Download

PSL 8 2023 Complete Schedule with Matches, Venues, Date and Match Timings

PSL 8 2023 Match Timings:

In PSL 8 2023, all matches will follow a standard time;

Day Matches:

All Day time matches will start at 2.00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).

Night Matches:

All Night time matches will start at 7.00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).

PSL 8 2023 | Fixtures

Starting from 13th February 2023 to March 19, 2023;

A total of 34 fixtures/ Matches will be played in the 8th Edition of the Pakistan Super League.

PSL 8 2023 | Venues

This year’s Pakistan Super League will be played in 4 venues across the country.

1st Half:

1st Half will be played in Multan and Karachi.

2nd Half:

2nd half of the tournament will be played in Lahore and Rawalpindi.


The opening Ceremony will be held on 13th February 2023 in Multan.

A total of 5 Matches will be played in Multan.


A total of 9 Matches will be played in Karachi.


A total of 11 Matches will be played in Rawalpindi.


A total of 9 Matches will be played in Lahore.

DateMatch No.TeamsVenueTime
13 Feb, 20231Multan Sultans vs Lahore QalandersMultanNight
14 Feb, 20232Karachi Kings vs Peshawar ZalmiKarachiNight
15 Feb, 20233Multan Sultans vs Quetta GladiatorsMultanNight
16 Feb, 20234Karachi vs IslamabadKarachiNight
17 Feb, 20235Multan vs PeshawarMultanNight
18 Feb, 20236Karachi vs QuettaKarachiNight
19 Feb, 20237Multan vs IslamabadMultanDay
19 Feb, 20238Karachi vs LahoreKarachiNight
20 Feb, 20239Quetta vs PeshawarKarachiNight
21 Feb, 202310Quetta vs LahoreKarachiNight
22 Feb, 202311Multan vs KarachiMultanNight
23 Feb, 202312Peshawar vs IslamabadKarachiNight
24 Feb, 202313Quetta vs IslamabadKarachiNight
26 Feb, 202314Karachi vs MultanKarachiDay
26 Feb, 202315Lahore vs PeshawarLahoreNight
27 Feb, 202316Lahore vs IslamabadLahoreNight
01 March, 202317Peshawar vs KarachiRawalpindiNight
02 March, 202318Lahore vs QuettaLahoreNight
03 March, 202319Islamabad vs KarachiRawalpindiNight
04 March, 202320Lahore vs MultanLahoreNight
05 March, 202321Islamabad vs QuettaRawalpindiNight
06 March, 202322Quetta vs KarachiRawalpindiNight
07 March, 202323Peshawar vs LahoreRawalpindiDay
07 March, 202324Islamabad vs MultanRawalpindiNight
08March, 202325Peshawar vs QuettaRawalpindiNight
09 March, 202326Islamabad vs LahoreRawalpindiNight
10 March, 202327Peshawar vs MultanRawalpindiNight
11 March, 202328Quetta vs MultanRawalpindiNight
12 March, 202329Islamabad vs PeshawarRawalpindiDay
12 March, 202330Lahore vs KarachiLahoreNight
15 March, 202331Team 1 vs Team 2LahoreNight
Eliminator 1
16 March, 202332Team 3 vs Team 4LahoreNight
Eliminator 2
17 March, 202333Qualifier Runner-up vs Eliminator 1 WinnerLahoreNight
19 March, 202334Qualifier Winner vs Eliminator 2 winnerLahoreDay
PSL 8 2023 Complete Schedule

Download PDF PSL 8 2023 Schedule

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