Exciting Commentary Panel Announced for HBL PSL 9

HBL Pakistan Super League’s 9th edition, the excitement reaches new heights with the addition of former Australian captain Michael Clarke to the illustrious commentary panel.

Image Source: PCB

Clarke, who retired from the field to embrace the world of broadcasting, is geared up to make his HBL PSL debut, bringing his wealth of cricketing knowledge and captivating insights to the fans.

Joining Clarke in the commentary box are some of the most dynamic and renowned voices in the cricketing realm.

The lineup features the return of Ian Bishop, whose insightful and gripping commentary made a mark in the 2017 season.

Familiar faces like Danny Morrison, Simon Doull, Pommie Mbangwa, Mark Butcher, Dominic Cork, and Mike Haysman will further amplify the cricketing spectacle with their unique vocal styles and thrilling calls.

For the Pakistani audience, the commentary team boasts an exciting ensemble, including the legendary duo of Ramiz Raja and Waqar Younis, alongside Bazid Khan and Aamir Sohail.

Urooj Mumtaz, Sana Mir, and Marina Iqbal will add their expertise.

While Tariq Saeed and Ali Younis will provide Urdu commentary.

Erin Holland and Zainab Abbas will take charge as presenters, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience throughout the tournament.

Not just limited to the commentary prowess, the HBL PSL production is set to dazzle fans with top-notch broadcasting standards.

A total of 30 high-definition cameras, including the buggy cam, will capture the high-octane action for fans worldwide.

The Spidercam, now upgraded with microphone and speaker enhancements, promises dynamic angles and on-field player interviews during matches.

In a technological stride, DRS (Decision Review System) technology will be in play throughout the tournament, ensuring fair and accurate decision-making.

Drone cameras will soar high to enhance streaming quality, offering fans a unique perspective on the game.

On-screen graphics get a facelift with revamped augmented reality graphics and player video headshots, elevating the visual experience for viewers.

As the countdown to HBL PSL 9 begins, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to an unparalleled blend of cricketing expertise, cutting-edge technology, and thrilling commentary.

With an esteemed commentary panel, the stage is set for a cricketing extravaganza that promises to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Foreign Commentators for PSL 9:

Michael ClarkeAustralian
Ian BishopWest Indian
Danny MorrisonNew Zealander
Simon DoullNew Zealander
Pommie MbangwaZimbabwean
Mark ButcherBritish
Dominic CorkBritish
Mike HaysmanBritish
Foreign Commentators for PSL 9

Pakistani Commentators for PSL 9:

Ramiz RajaCommentator
Waqar YounisCommentator
Bazid KhanCommentator
Aamir SohailCommentator
Urooj MumtazCommentator
Sana MirCommentator
Marina IqbalCommentator
Tariq SaeedUrdu Commentator
Ali YounisUrdu Commentator
Pakistani Commentators For PSL 9

Presenters for PSL 9:

Erin HollandPresenter
Zainab AbbasPresenter
Match Presenters for PSL 9

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